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About us

Blanco Taxi is an Orlando Taxi Service,
Your transportation needs can be met with Blanco Taxi
We are proud of the service we offer and the reputation we have built in the Orlando area.

  1. We will pick you up in a well-appointed van.
  2. Our vans hold up to 7 passengers.
  3. You will be delighted with the ample space our vans provide.
  4. Our seats are comfortable and roomy.
  5. Your ride with us will always be cool and relaxing.
  6. Our vans are clean.
  7. We have fast, guaranteed response times.
  8. We can deliver your one-way drop-off airport transportation.

Call Now, and we will be at your hotel, home or other location in a flash.
We provide taxi services in the Orlando area to meet all your needs.